Small company - high performance

You don’t have to be a large company to be really good at what you do


WEINMANN is one of the smaller manufacturers of surgical instruments - but as far as results are concerned we are in the lead group

WEINMANN offers instruments which help all over the world to make new operating techniques in difficult sectors of surgery more accurate, precise and safe. The standard range of WEINMANN features small batch sizes of special instruments – special because they have been incessantly optimized in close cooperation with leading experts in respective fields and had their characteristics perfectly adapted to particular operations and operational phases.

Alongside this already very sophisticated standard range of products, WEINMANN also provides active cooperation in the development and manufacture of specifically modified instruments for further developments in surgery or for entirely new requirements. Several successful patents such as fully detachable punches underline the innovative strength of our company.

We see ourselves as an interface for productive dialog between medical-surgical practice and the possibilities of today in the fields of design, precision and material quality.

This production profile has made WEINMANN the recognized partner of several well-known distribution organizations - and not only in Europe. Almost all the important clinics in the USA and leading experts in neurosurgery, laminectomy and other specialist fields work with special instruments from WEINMANN.

State-of-the-art production installations, a certified quality management system guaranting quality assurance right trough the production process and ultramodern measuring and testing facilities complete the picture. It's what forms the basis for the trust placed in our instruments by leading surgeons all over the world. It’s challenging work and we’re very deeply committed to it.

Our most important asset is highly qualified employees without exception. They’re experts at what they do and take personal responsibility for their work.

Beginning at the raw material, ending at the finished product - most parts of our instruments are produced in-house.

State-of-the art multi-axle milling machines, flexible automated solutions (handling systems, robotics, etc.)

3D construction, CNC-technology & CAM-programming, etc.

Following the "LEGO"-principle to produce automated standard components, we still can fulfill all your individual requirements and needs.

Flexible & customizable solutions with quick delivery times

Guaranteed quality through a mix of mechanical finish & traditional craftsmanship

Developing and improving continiously while enjoying the things we do every day, sets us apart from our national and international competitors in terms of quality, progress and service. Never forgetting our origin we are committed to Germany as production location - without compromises.