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Innovation & Development

Apart from an already very sophisticated standard range of products, WEINMANN also provides active cooperation in the development and manufacture of specifically modified instruments. This can imply further developments in surgery or even entirely new customers' requirements. Several successful patents such as fully detachable punches underline the innovative strength of our company.
We see ourselves as an interface for productive dialog between medical-surgical practice and the possibilities of today in the fields of design, precision and material quality.


Repair & Refurbish

Surface finish & coatings

Besides the classic surfaces for instruments, such as satin finished or sand blasted,
we can provide different coatings with below mentioned advantages.

Surgical instruments have to be ready for use every single day. To assure their function over a long period of time, surgical instruments are coated with an enormously thin but extremly hard coating. Needless to say that the brilliant surface is what is noticed at first sight, but the actual advantage is it's features. The surface's hardness (about 3.000 HV) is the reason for it's scratch-proof and long term sharpness. This high-tech surface simplifies the instruments' cleaning process and acts anticorrosively at the same time. All used surfaces are compatible for the human organism.

On demand we can offer further coatings (for instance hard chromium plating, gold-plate).


Laser marking

Having the best laser marking following your requirements, WEINMANN has applied the technology of ultrashort pulse laser. The advantage over temper marking techniques: the lasermarking is deep black (on satin finished surfaces) and rich in contrast in any viewing angles. The edges of the laser marking are sharp and the surface comes with hydrophobic behavior. There is no susceptibility for corrosion. The mechanical strength of the material is not affected and therefore the material can be marked without distortion.